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Contego Investigative Services gives you the results other investigative agencies cannot offer. Whether it’s our cutting edge technology, highly experienced and professional investigators, or our extreme quality control measures, it all boils down to results.

Utilizing the SWARM™ service model, Investigative Services obtains a clearer direction when conducting investigations due to the open communication with other departments such as Subrogation. For example, this open communication means that if Subrogation identifies a possible recovery, investigative services can then focus its attention on the best way to gain evidence to support potential recoveries.


Video surveillance to determine the claimant’s current activity level during the course of the worker’s compensation claim.


Interviews to obtain facts of the incident and determine the compensability and subrogation potential of a claim.

Medical Canvass

Checking the claimant’s prior medial history.

Background Check

Checking the claimant’s past history to include civil, criminal, prior claims history, and traffic history.


Contego’s SWARM LINK is a unique verification system that links pre-investigative workup, activity check, background check, internet check and geographical mapping of the data into the claim file.


A monitoring system of all social media outlets.

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