Loss Control & Safety

Contego’s Loss Control Department offers a wide variety of loss protection and specialized safety programs to our clients. Our proactive approach helps to improve insurance loss ratios while providing the latest information to enhance existing work place safety programs. Specific workplace exposures are addressed one by one with safety, claims management, medical management, fraud prevention, fraud mitigation, and subrogation.

Loss Control plays a vital role in the SWARM™ service model. We fully integrate the post-accident scene  after an accident occurs. We work hand in hand with SIU to provide loss control expertise while a claim is being investigated. This formula has been proven to impact the effectiveness of investigations and loss control.

Loss Control Services:

  • On site hazard assessment to determine incident-producing exposures with practical recommendations to improve workplace safety
  • Loss analysis to highlight trends and set service priorities
  • On site safety training
  • Establish a loss control services plan, as well as review and evaluate current safety plans, to prioritize and address loss producing procedures
  • I-safety web portal

What Sets Us Apart:

  • 24/7, “boots-on-the-ground” response to catastrophic accidents
  • Customized services plans tailored to our clients
  • Dedicated, talented experts throughout the country

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Loss Control & Safety Contacts

Mark Jansen, ARM, MBA

Dan Niewoehner

Dan Rains

Daniel Sulzner

Steven Smithson