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Investigative Services

Contego Investigative Services gives you the results other investigative agencies cannot offer. Whether it's our cutting edge technology, highly experienced and professional investigators, or extreme quality control measures, it all boils down to results.

Recorded Statements

Recorded statements, when professionally conducted, can be a priceless tool in determining the compensability and subrogation potential of a claim. Our highly experienced investigators have conducted thousands of interviews related to all lines of claims.

SIU & Fraud Investigation

Gone are the days of "silo insurance," where a suspect claim or company exposure makes weekly rounds through many different and segregated departamental discussions. By activating the SWARM™, we ensure that all departments are communicating.


Subrogation recovery starts the moment a claim occurs when an adverse party has impacted the outcome of an insurance claim. We work closely with our insured, employer, injured worker and claims staff to ensure we have all the information for a recovery.

Transportation & Translation

Contego's SWARM™ service model doesn't simply enable us to meet our client's needs; we anticipate them and exceed those needs. The SWARM™ model also provides a significant reduction in the claim cycle, saving our clients money.


Nothing in the anti-fraud arsenal can combat a potential fraudulent claim like surveillance. Effective surveillance can help mitigate the exposure on even the toughest claims, and this is where Contego Investigative Services shines.

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Contego Services Group

Contego Services Group provides the best insurance services for companies worldwide. We aim to achieve each client's goal while providing value-added services that really make a difference in the bottom line. We stand by all of our services and set a new standard. We are a boots-on-ground supercharged company and we love what we do.