About Us

Contego Investigative Services:

Contego, a provider of insurance services and risk management services. Taken from the Latin meaning, Contego Insurance Group stands ready to shield, protect and defend.

Contego investigates fraud for several lines of insurance companies. We provide nationwide coverage to our client base that includes workers’ compensation, disability, and automotive insurance carriers utilizing W2 employees across the country. We consistently deliver outstanding results and value to our clients. Every assignment is handled with guaranteed personalized attention and is serviced by a team of experienced investigators and adjusters to ensure the highest quality.

Contego Investigative Services is a true difference maker in the industry. We have streamlined the investigative process for numerous insurance companies, and we can do the same for your company.

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Providing the best insurance services and risk management services, it’s our promise to:

Shield your corporate integrity
Protect your employees
Defend against corporate predators

As a client, you can trust Contego to shield, protect and defend your company with the best insurance services and risk management services in the world!