Why SwarmLink™?

SwarmLink™ is an adjunct to Contego’s Investigative Services. A SwarmLink™ investigation is the process of “linking” a claimant to any and all social media, public information and satellite mapping.

SwarmLink™ is a powerful new pre-surveillance tool that will maximize surveillance efforts. Pre-surveillance, a full workup of the claimant, their residence, vehicle, neighbors, affiliations and on-line activities are performed. The information is then linked together into one easy to read report provided to the field investigator and the client.

Fully armed with this knowledge, a field investigator can work a case pro-actively and around the claimant’s schedule, ensuring a far greater chance of obtaining useful documentation and reducing “non-productive” surveillance efforts. In addition, these advance investigative techniques help identify and locate the claimant, assist to minimize documenting the wrong subject and decrease the time spent locating the claimant.

SwarmLink™ includes:

  • Pre-investigative work up
  • Activity check
  • Background check
  • Internet check
  • Geographical mapping of the data into the claim file

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